Pruning Clematis Vines

pruning clematis

How To Prune Clematis
Pruning Tips For Clematis Group

Pruning clematis vines such as clematis armandii and jackmanii clematis plants, that what this page is all about.

How to prune clematis vines depends on which group your clematis vine belongs to.

Clematis pruning is done in one of three ways, depending on when they flower.

First find out which clematis pruning group your clematis belongs to, and then follow the pruning method prescribed.

There are three types of clematis, and the types are sorted into three different pruning groups.

Most plant labels will specify which group a clematis vine belongs to, and tell you how to prune that clematis, and when it's the best time to prune it.

pruning clematis


This group has early flowering types of clematis plants. Do a very light pruning, or no pruning at all is in fact necessary.


Early to mid season flowering clematis of large flowered hybrids. Do a light pruning late winter or early spring, before new shoots starts growing.


This group has late flowering large hybrids, species and small flowered clematis. This group needs a hard pruning in early spring before new growth appears.

pruning clematis

More Pruning Tips For Clematis Plants

Another key to pruning a clematis is first to determine whether your clematis flowers on stems that were formed the previous year, or the ones that formed flowers during the current year, or both.

Prune clematis vines that bloom on last year's stem after their flowers fade.

These plants include spring and mid season flowering clematis varieties.

Prune clematis that blooms on current year's growth in late winter or early spring.

These are late flowering clematis vines and the young plants should be cut to one foot, or lower, for the first 2-3 years. Then cut to 2 feet for older plants.

Prune clematis that bloom on both previous year's growth, and have alter flowering flushes on the current years growth, in late winter or early spring.


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