Pruning English Roses

pruning english roses

How To Prune English Garden Roses

Pruning English roses is no different from any other class of roses when it comes to pruning.

Several styles of rose pruning will work, but it's up to you.

So choosing a pruning system is a matter of personal preference along with what goal you have for the rose.

For most gardeners, trimming back roses, helps bring vigorous growth under control.

Pruning contains the plants to a workable garden size.

It's also instrumental in controlling and maintaining the desired shape of each plant.

I recommend a balanced, moderate pruning that helps the rose to focus its energy on flower production.

Pruning the English roses moderately, will promote good flowering in the coming season.

And that's what we want, lots of fragrant English rose blooms.

You should do winter, or early spring, pruning of your English roses when the weather warms up, and you see small buds beginning to swell.

This will happen in January in warmer climates, but in cold climates, it won't happen until April.

Be sure to wait until all danger of frost is over. Check with your local garden nursery that sells roses, if you are unsure.

Another great sign to watch for is when the Forsythias are blooming in your area.

That's a sign that you should prune your roses. Plant a Forsythia in your garden!

During the summer, especially in the warmer climate zones, I recommend a light trimming after each bloom flush.

This summer pruning of your English roses, or any other roses, will help maintain the height and shape of the rose bush.

It will also help the rose to repeat flower more quickly.

pruning english roses

The simplest way for pruning English roses is to prune them down to about half its size.

It should have an attractive rounded balanced form that looks good all around

Finish your pruning by cutting out any dead and damaged canes.

Pruning is not an exact science. You can actually adjust the height of your rose bush.

If you like your English rose bush to be be smaller, it's ok to prune down to one third of its size (line 1 in picture above).

But if you want a larger shrub, prune down to two thirds (line 2 in picture above)


pruning english roses

Always make a sloping cut an inch or so above an outward growing bud, like in the picture to the right.

During the first year, if you did fall planting, prune the English roses more lightly the first season, leaving about two thirds of the bush.

If you have climbing English roses, you should use this guide to pruning climbing roses.


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