Pruning Floribunda Roses

How To Prune Floribunda Roses Correctly

Pruning floribunda roses, how to prune floribunda rose bushes, such as the popular Iceberg floribunda rose. It's important to remove, prune off, spent blooms all season long to prevent seed setting which diverts energy from flower production.

Every year, in mid-winter to early spring, depending on where you live and your areas climate, you should do your annual big pruning for structure.

Which means pruning off weak growth and old nonproductive canes at the base using a pruning saw.

Then reduce the floribunda plant's size by a third.

Also prune off any criss-crossing canes that rub against other canes.

After pruning, pull off all remaining foilage, every single leaf for sure.

iceberg roses

White Iceberg Roses in My Flowerbed

Now it's a good time to pray with a dormant spray such as Dormant Oil Spray .

This will kill off any overwintering fungus spores and insect eggs, that could harm your roses when the foilage is emerging.

Wait to fertilize after pruning until you see new growth emerging. Then work in some organic compost and finish off with a 2 inch layer of mulch.

Always water well before and after fertilizing to prevent root burn.


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