Pruning Iceberg Floribunda Roses

by Jennifer Roth
(Sacramento, CA. USA)

I have an iceberg floribunda rose that I bought recently and it already had blooms on it and now they are wilted and pretty much look like they are dying or dead. I was wanting to know if I can cut off just the wilting blooms right now, I am in Sacramento, Ca and it is early summer right now. If you could please get back to me, I would appreciate it. I need help!
Thank You,

Hi Jennifer,
You should always remove spent rose flowers on the Iceberg floribunda rose. It's called deadheading and all rose bushes should have the dead blooms removed to encourage re-blooming.
The major yearly pruning should be done in late winter when the rose is emerging from dormancy.
Here is my page about pruning roses.
Best Regards,

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