Pruning Old Noisette Rose Transplant

by Susan

QUESTION: I have saved an old noisette rose from a home which burned down.

I transplanted the rose to my garden in early May using the bare root method described on your website.

At the time of transplanting the rose was unfortunately already in bloom.

This was unavoidable as the lot was being bulldozed.

After much watering and care, the rose bush has lost over 90% of its foliage.

The rose stands approximatley 6 feet in height.

There only green branches on the bush are below the 2 feet mark.

I have also ascertained from your website that I should prune the rose in late August or early September per the recommendations for my region.

My question is:
When I prune the bush, should I trim the entire plant back to 2 feet?

ANSWER: Hi Susan, Noisettes are climber or pillar roses that are repeat-flowering.

So they should be pruned when dormant in your region, and just when you see new buds on the canes.

Remove, at the base, up to 1/3rd of the older canes. Shorten the remaining canes by 1/3rd, and the lateral shoots down to 2 -3 buds.

You should cut off any dead and diseased wood.

Also you should continue to remove spent blooms throughout the season, as well as to trim for size and form during the season.
Here is my page about Blush Noisette.
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