Pruning Old Roses

pruning old roses

Pruning Old Fashioned Rose Bushes

Pruning old roses, when to prune old fashioned rose bushes, and the best time for pruning old antique roses, that's what this page is all about.

If you have old garden roses, and you don't know a lot about pruning roses, and how to prune old roses, you'll need this rose pruning information for old garden roses.

Basic Pruning Information For Old Roses

pruning old roses

The Correct 45 Degree Angle Cut Above A Leaf Bud

Trim off about 1/3 of last years growth. Make a clean cut, right above a leaf bud. Prune to ouside facing buds only. Leave all good flower producing canes, but remove one old cane for every new cane, at the base.

Remove all old foilage, and clean up all debris and weeds from the flowerbed. You should seal all cuts with white glue, if you live, where cane borers are a pest problem.

Use a dormant rose spray to remove insects, pests and diseases that over wintered.

When To Prune Old Fashioned Rose Bushes

pruning old roses

Jacques Cartier Rose, A Fine Old Hybrid Perpetual Rose

When to prune Gallica, Damask, Alba, Centifolia and Moss Roses: Prune these roses only during the summer right after they finish blooming.

When to prune Bourbon, Hybrid Perpetual, repeat-flowering Moss, Wild Roses and English Roses: Prune late winter or early spring for cold regions. In California or warmer climate areas, prune January 1st to February 15.

When to prune Tea, China and Noisette roses: Prune these roses July - August.

What To Prune

Cut out all dead and damaged woood, and also cut out, or pull off all root suckers.

Tips For Pruning Old Roses

Damask roses do not like to be hard pruned. Only prune back each flowering shoot a few inches.


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