Pruning Roses For Winter

pruning roses for winter

Winterizing Pruning Roses

Pruning roses for winter should be done during the late fall, or early winter, when the rose is dormant and not actively growing anymore.

If you prune when the rose is not dormant, it could result in new tender growth emerging, and that could kill the rose when the hard frost comes.

Here is the information for pruning roses for winter.

Prune your repeat-flowering roses in early spring or late winter, but in some cases a little late fall trimming back of rose bushes and climbing roses is advisable.

In cold regions, tender roses may need some roses fall pruning to accommodate methods of winter protection, such as tipping or tying up and wrapping in burlap, which is often done in the coldest parts of the North America and other cold regions of the World.

Roses Fall Pruning

In warmer climates, such as California, hybrid teas and grandifloras grow quite tall and their stems are vulnerable to whipping in strong winter winds.

If this is the case in your area, you may prune the rose bushes down by about one-half in late fall.

Pruning Climbing Roses For Winter

Winter whipping can also be a problem for climbing roses.

In warmer climates, climbers can be lightly pruned and retied to suport in the fall.

Thin out some of the excess untied stems and lateral growth to reduce wind whipping, then tie or retie all remaining stems firmly to the support structure, (use stretchtape for roses), for the winter.


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