Pruning Southern California Roses
Growing By The Beach

by Kerry
(Laguna Niguel, CA)

QUESTION: This is probably the best rose blog I have found and I learned so much about pruning the climbing roses.

I have a new landscape and garden with 104 white iceberg roses, 30 assorted rose trees and 4 climbing eden roses.

Our weather here in the beachy climate of Laguna Niguel (California) is very temperate.

During winter, the temperature averages 57 f. We could have highs of 85 and lows of maybe 38 or so but very very rarely does it dip below 46 or above 72.

I have a big event I'm hosting here the first weekend in February, and I'm wondering if I could prune them back now--end of November--and expect them to be in good bloom by then.

That's the big question.

Thank you so much for your help, as I am totally new to gardening!


ANSWER: Hi Kerry!

I garden in Los Angeles, and I usually prune my roses after the holidays.

But that is because I want my garden to look good all through Christmas and New Years.

My iceberg roses and also the knockouts bloom right through the holidays.

But in your case, you can go ahead and prune them now.

However, if they will be blooming in February depends on the weather.

Rainy and cool Februaries delays the flowering.

You cannot feed the roses until some foilage is growing.

But don't forget to feed them then.

Feed them every 3 weeks with Miracle Grow Rose Food.

Your Icebergs will most likely be flowering if the weather is kind to you.

Don't forget to water deeply if no rainfall, which is sporadic in Southern California for sure.

For someone new to gardening, you have a lot of roses.

Stay in touch and let me know what roses bloomed the first and the best.

Best Regards,

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