Purple Ebb Tide Rose

by Cindy
(Pasadena, Ca)

QUESTION: What can I do to make Ebb Tide rose produce purple blooms?

Last fall, we planted Ebb Tide roses for their dark purple color.

In the spring, the early blooms were burgundy and as the flowers opened and aged, they became more dark purple.

A second wave of blooms were more dark purple.

After that, they turned and have remained bright pink.

I am in Pasadena, California. The roses were planted with compost and a little Sure Start.

They get plenty of sun.

The foilage appears healthy and they are blooming constantly.

What factors might affect the color and what can I do to correct it?

Thanks for any advice you may offer.

Best regards,

ANSWER: When buying a rose because of color, it's important to realize that not all rose colors are stable.

Blooms with just a few pigments, such as pink and yellow, usually stay the same color through the season.

Those in the more complex shades, such as your Ebb Tide rose tend to change as the rose opens and matures.

Growing conditions affect color also.

Soil fertility, temperatures, intensity of the sun, and rainfall play roles in determining the color of some roses.

The dark purple rose you see in your friends garden might not be the same color in yours.

For many people, the variability in a rose's color throughout the season and from year to year is part of its charm.

However since you most likely bought the Ebb Tide rose beacuse of its deep purple color, you feel cheated now.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to alter the color.

In you area, Pasadena Ca, it's most likely due to the rainfall and changing climates your area is experiencing now. I garden in Los Angeles, so I see this in my own garden.
Best Regards,

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