Purple Roses - Iceberg

by Carol
(Torrance, California)

I am looking for iceberg roses, purple in color.
I live in southern California, and the white, pink
and red varieties are abundant; however a local grower
(nursery) stated she had purple icebergs, which we never
see here. Before I got the chance to go look at them
(I had called her) they were gone, and she stated that
they would not be available again until March 2011.

I want the icebergs because they are almost care-free,
bloom profusely, virtually have no thorns, and are
disease resistant. I have the white variety in a rental
house so I know this from experience over several years.

Why is the purple variety not more accessible, and are they
as easy to care for as the other varieties?? And with
our California sun, would they bloom most of the year?

What is your price for these roses? I now want to put
them in a walkway planter that separates my house and my neighbor.

Thank you for your information.

Hi Carol,
Purple Iceberg roses, are actually named Burgundy Icebergs. However, they look a lot more purple that burgundy.
I would go back to that garden nursry and ask them to special order the Burgundy (purple) Iceberg rose.
But it might not be available until March 2011. This is the end of the season for rose growers. Happens every year.
The reason you don't see a lot of Purple Iceberg roses, is that the garden centers aren't ordering them. They should. Purple flowers are very popular with gardeners. I know.
I have them in my garden here in Los Angeles, and they are just as easy as the white variety to care for, and bloom the same also.
Best Regards,

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