Purple Roses

Elegant Light and Dark Purple Roses

This page features 3 top purple roses, that have the deepest shade of purple that you will ever find. These purple flowers are for sale.

Colors such as deep lavender, lilac, violet, even roses that are blue-purplish, available in the rose family.

These purplish roses look fabulous planted with white iceberg roses.

So if you want a smashing flowerbed dispay, plant some white roses with your purplish roses.

Roses bushes with the color purple have become very popular in recent years, so rose breeders are coming up with more and more purplish roses.

That's good news for us rose gardeners who love this color, and I am one of them.

Purple Bouquet Of Roses

Maybe you just want to deliver a beautiful purple arrangment of roses in a bouquet.

If that is the case, you can send Purple Flower Bouquet.

Clicking on this link will take you to a page with a stunning rose bouquet to be shipped where-ever you want it to go.

Purple Flower Pictures

purple flowers Isn't this the most fabulous purple flower rose? I just love it. Plant it with the white iceberg roses for a most spectacular color combination.

I also love to plant this super purple colored rose with very pale yellow roses.

It's a very pretty flowerbed display.

purple flowers Midnight Blue Rose

This is a wonderful dark purple elegant rose.

A fragrant repeatflowering shrub rose that I recomend.

You can order the rose by clicking on the link here.

describe image Purple Climbing Night Owl Rose

If you are looking for a purple climbing rose, the purple Night Owl rose is for you.

It's not only deliciously fragrant but it also blooms with abundance all season long.

I can't think of a better climbing rose that is purple.

If you click on the headline you can get the buying information.

purple flowers

The above picture of a very purple rose flower is actually named Burgundy Iceberg rose. But it's not really burgundy at all. This is my favorite purple rose. It's a prolific floribunda rose, and related to the famous Iceberg rose.

If you like very dark roses that are purple, go to this 'Dark Roses Purple' link and take a look.

Meaning For A Purple Rose

If you are wondering about the unique meanings for the roses with lavender purplish hues, just click on the link above.

The best fragrant roses are of the these colors, or a lighter version. For your enjoyment, here is a rose flower picture of the most popular violet- lilac rose in the world, the 'Angel Face' rose.

purple flowes

Angel Face Climbing Rose

Roses that are 'purple' or dark violet roses, are very popular with brides and violet rose wedding bouquet, is a must for a purplish themed wedding, creating a need for a bridal bouquet with bouquet and rose petals of that color for the flower girl.

Here are names of roses with various variations of the color 'purple' and a few rose pictures.

Names Of Roses with 'Purple' Colors

Angel Face, Floribunda, Swim USA 1968, Zones 5-9

Rosa Rugosa, Species,China and Japan pre-1854, Zones 3-10

Rugosa Magnifica,Hybrid Rugosa, Van Fleet USA 1905, Zones 5-10

Tuscany,Old Gallica, Italian origin, pre-1596, Zones 4-10

Alain Blanchard,Old Gallica, Vibert France, 1839, Zones 5-10

Silver Star, Hybrid Tea, Kordes Germany, 1966 Zones 5-10

Lavender Dream, Modern Shrub, Ilsink Netherland, 1984, Zones 4-9

Sweet Chariot, Modern Miniature, Moore USA, 1984, Zones 5-10

Melody Parfumee, Grandiflora, Dorieux France, 1995, Zones 5-9

Veilchenblau, Rambler, Schmidt, Germany, 909, Zones 5-9

Reine des Violettes,Hybrid Perpetual, Millet-Mallet, France, 1860, Zones 5-9

Belle de Crecy,Hybrid Gallica, Roeser, France, pre-1836, Zones 4-10

Lavender Lassie, Modern Shrub, Kordes, Germany, 1960, Zones 4-9

Blue Boy, Modern shrub, Kordes, Germany, 1958, Zones 4-9

Blue Moon, Hybrid Tea, tantau, Germany, 1965, Zones 4-9

Blue Peter, Modern Miniature, de Ruiter, Netherlands, 1983, Zones 5-11

Blue Nile, Hybrid Tea, Delbard, France, 1976, Zones 4-9

Blue River, Hybrid Tea, Kordes, Germany, 1984, Zones 5-9

purple roses

Tuscony rose

Here are some newer introductions.

'Cotillion', a floribunda, 'Purple Passion', a hybrid tea, 'WW II Memorial', a hybrid tea, 'Demitasse', a miniature, and 'Outta the Blue', a shrub.

purple flowers

Veilchenblau climbing rose

If you have been thinking about creating a 'purple and white' garden bed, there is no better time than now.


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