Queen Elizabeth Rose Bush

by Sarah

We purchased a Queen Elizabeth rose this past May and have had it sitting in the spot where we want to plant it but have yet to do so. Would it be good to try and do it now? Or better to bring it indoors to our basement for the winter?

Thank you for your time and thoughts on this.



Hello Sarah,

Queen Elizabeth rose is a cold tender hybrid tea grandiflora rose. It will most likely suffer from winter kill, if it is not winterized properly when in the ground.

I don't know when the first frost date is in your area, but if it's coming soon, the rose will not have had a chance to grow feeder roots, before the frost.

So that means it will not be able to be properly hydrated before winter cold weather and could die. So I recommend you put it in an unheated garage for the winter. Make sure it sits off the cold cement on a raised platform. Keep it watered and wrap the rose with proper material for protection against severe temperatures.

Bring it out as soon as all danger of frost is gone.

Before every winter you need to winterize it. Here is my page about wintering roses.

Ps. Since the rose has been sitting in the container in the dirt, it most likely has roots growing down under it in the dirt. Those are feeder roots, and they will be severed when you move the bush.
This could cause the bush to go into chock. It's never a good idea to set any plant on top of the soil for such a long time.
You might loose it because if this.
Best of luck with this one.

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