Queen Elizabeth Rose

The Queen Of England Rose

Queen Elizabeth rose, the Queen of England rose, is one of the ten most popular roses for over 40 years, according to rose breeders who are growing 'Queen Elizabeth'.

The flowers are very lovely and sort of elegant and they look absolutely beautiful in a vase.

'Queen Elizabeth' is a grandiflora rose whose flowers come singly on one stem, similar to hybrid tea roses.

Since it was first introduced in the mid-50th and even now, it is still considered by many, including me, to the best of all grandiflora roses.

The Queen Elizabeth plant is very robust, shooting up tall and covering itself with fabulous large size flowers.

On the plant the flowers are held aloft and give the plant an impressive appearance. Cut for bouquets, they make a big, dazzling show.

queen elizabeth rose

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Mature Plant Height: 5 feet to 7 feet.

Bloom Size: 3.5-4 inches.

Bloom Time: midseason, repeats.

Fragrance: mild tea rose scent.

Year Introduced: 1954.

Awards Won: AARS, ARS Gertrude M. Hubbard Gold Medal 1957, ARS National Gold Medal Certificate 1960, Golden Rose of the Hague 1968.

American Rose Society Rating: 7.9.

It's a vigorous and tall plant that, with just a light pruning, will grow into an impressive shrub that could be the star and focal point of your garden.

It can be cut down hard in mid-winter about once every 6 years to rejuvinate it.

Then remove the least productive canes as close to the base as possible.

This will stimulate new flowering canes for more blooms.

queen elizabeth rose

The picture of the 'Queen Elizabeth' rose bush above gives you a good idea of it's size when fully established.

As you can see it's should be planted as a specimen rose by itself or as a centerpiece or focal point, because of the size.

The very best uses for this rose is to plant it as a centerpiece in an island bed, surrounded and underplanted with blue and pink perennals or miniature roses.

The other use would be to place it toward the back of a large flower border.

It makes a very stunning focal point in a flower bed or border.

Just be sure to choose blue and deeper pink companion flowers so the rose will shine and look its best. Zones 5-9, Height 5-8 feet.

There is a climbing variety of this rose.

Climbing "Queen Elizabeth'

This climber is a summer flowering variety that unfortunately doesn't flower well, even after several seasons.

I only got half a dozen flowers after four years. So therefore I do not recommend this climber as others have had similar experiences growing the climbing rose.


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