Queen Elizabeth Roses

by Audrey Dunton
(Stapleton Alabama USA)

QUESTION: I had Queen Elizabeth roses in Calgary Canada. they were beautiful and perfumed. I now live in southern Alabama, and planted two Queen Elizabeth rose bushes. One is hardly growing, it's been in the ground for over 3 years and is still only 2 feet tall and very parse. The other one planted about 6 feet away from the first one is about 7 ft tall, sparse branches and a number of blooms, neither have any perfume and the leaves are sparse too, not at all full , bushy and healthy as my Roses in Calgary. I do everything I'm supposed to do for Roses ( My Dad was a rose grower in England) He taught me a great deal but I am stumped here in Alabama.
ANSWER: Hi Audrey,
The reason your Queen Elizabeth roses aren't producing most likely has to do with your soil condition.

If your soil's pH value is off, your rose bushes will not be able to take up nutrients from the soil which will result in poor growth and very few flowers.

I recommend you read my page about improving your soil and follow my advice there.

Soils are different in most regions in the US.

I garden in Los Angeles, and we have alkaline soil here which has to be improved so roses do well.

Best Regards,

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