Question on a Rose Bush

by anne
(Queen Creek, AZ)


Hello, thank you for having this format.

A few years ago, my husband and i rented a home in Paradise valley, right off of tatum.

We had some sparse areas in the garden so we bought a yellow rose bush. We were there less than a year, but it grew to about 5 ft by then, leaves were deep green and glossy.

It grew well on a sprinkler system in the summer and still had flowers.

I have looked at everything you can imagine on the internet, and just can't find it. We bought it more than likely at home depot.

Any thoughts?

We are in our own home in queen creek and would like to plant one.

Thanks, Anne


Hello Anne,

I couldn't say which yellow rose you had. But here is my page with lots of pictures and names of yellow roses.

Hope you find that yellow rose on the page.
Best Regards,

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