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Mar 13, 2013
Ownroot and grafted roses.
by: Ozeboy

Hello Annelie, I grow roses ownroot and also grafting. I noticed you blamed grafting for the spread of viruses but I prefer to blame nurseries for not using best practices to eradicate the virus problem. You mention non grafted roses are virus free when in actual fact species roses in the wild have tested positive to certain viruses.

My propagation is based on using Multiflora mother plants grown from seed, virus is not transmitted through the seed. When buying in new varieties for budding I do introduce viruses so the cloning material is infected and it doesn't matter if propagated by grafting or ownroot the virus is passed on.

When grafting plants, viruses are more likely to be transmitted as there are two plant materials coming together. With ownroot there is only one plant involved so infection is less likely to occur.

Nice to visit your site, hope you don't mind me commenting.

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