Quick Interview About Growing Roses

by Kaitlin

QUESTION: My name is Kaitlin, I'm a senior at High School and I'm doing a research paper on roses for my graduation project. If you don't mind could you answer a few questions so that I may use them in my paper? If you have time, these are my questions:

1. What made you interested in roses and do you enjoy growing them?

2.Do you prefer a certain method of growing roses? Why or why not?

3. What are some problems that could occur when growing own-root roses?

4. What are key points to remember when growing your own roses?

5. Do you know any history about where the method of own root roses originated, or how it grew to be so popular?

Feel free to add any other details that you wish, I know that I still have a lot to learn. Thank you for your time!
ANSWER: Hello Kaitlin!
I'll be happy to answer your interview question, and I am building a page for this submission because many other visitors to my site would be interested also to read my answers to your questions.

Answer 1. I got interested in growing roses as a young child in Sweden. My mother and aunts were most responsible for my life-long love of cultivating roses. Here is my page about that.
My Rose Story.

Answer 2. No I don't especially prefer a special method for growing roses. The reason is that roses lend themselves to so many garden situations. For example climbing roses, hybrid tea roses for vases, shrub roses for landscaping, miniature roses for containers and edgings.
I do love growing them in large containers and train climbers on trellises and arbors. Those are probably my favorite method for growing roses. So I guess I do have a favorite method.

ANSWER 3. The problem with own root roses is that in warm climates such as Florida, own root roses are very short-lived and will only survive a few season. Here is my page about growing roses in Florida.

Answer 4. The reason own root roses grew so popular is because of the Rose Mosiac Virus within the rose industry. Own root roses are virus free, because they are not grafted, but grown from a leaf-cutting.
Rose virus spreads through grafting so it's a big concern with the rose growers.
Another reason why own root roses are popular is that they are very hardy because their crown has not been weakened.
On grafted roses the bud union is very vulnarable to cold weather and often suffer from winter kill.
Own root roses can freeze to the ground, but because they have their own root system they grow back in spring, just like perennials.
Please leave a comment for how I answered your questions. I hope you liked my answers.
Kind Regards,

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