Rainbow Knockout Rose


A New Knock Out Rose
Variety Called Rainbow

rainbow knockout

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Rainbow Knockout rose is the latest introduction of the popular 'Knockout' roses.

This lovely multi-colored rose variety has the same resistance to disease and other fungus problem such as powdery mildew and rust.

The 'Knockouts' are so popular now they have a fan club all of their own.

I confess I am a member myself with ten 'Knockouts' of my own.

The rose breeders continue to bring new varieties of this rose, because these roses are truly the most disease resistant rose you can find.

And then there is the self-cleaning blooms, making deadheading less of a chore.

The Rainbow knockout rose blooms with such as a profusion and for so long you should really try to find a spot for it in your garden.

You can also try growing it in a large container on your patio or balcony.

If decide to grow this rose in a container, make sure it's the largest you can find, so you don't have to replant it.

Container roses also should only be planted with commercial potting soil for roses.

Weekly feedings of half strength rose fertilizers will guarantee lots of blooms.

rainbow knockout rose

This picture of the new 'Knockout' rose shows the variety of the colors of the flowers close-up.

The colors are very pretty and will look great in a pink or apricot colored flower bed.

Picture Of Roses

The colors are a delightful pink medley of apricot and yellow pink shades.

The flowers are single with yellow stamens.

The rose blooms the first year non stop and freely and there is a light rose fragrance.

rainbow knockout rose

The Rainbow Knockout likes a full sun exposure , but will actually bloom with less sun than usual.

It's also a birdlovers rose, because of the many red hips in the fall.

This is an extremely easy to care for compact rose plant, that is ideal for toward the front of a flower border as well as for container gardening.

The rose should be planted in well-drained normal loamy soil, that has been amended with composted manure and bone meal.

Pruning this 'Knockout' variety is the most easy rose pruning you will do. Zones 4-9, height 3 feet, width 3 feet (1m).


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