Rainbows End Rose

rainbows end rose

Miniature Roses

Rainbows End rose is the most beautiful miniature rose ever created. The flowers are deep yellow with red edges. They turn red all over as they age.

The blending of the yellow and red is truly eye catching and usually draws admiring comments from people passing by. The color variety of the blooms and their pretty form is what most gardeners are excited about. And it's so versatile, equally happy in a container on a patio or tucked in a tight spot like in the picure below.

The double flowers have 35 petals and no fragrance. Many miniature roses have little or no fragrance. The foilage is small, dark green and glossy on an upright, compact, dense bush covered with blooms at all stages

rainbows end rose

The picture above shows the prolific flowering of this rose, and also gives you ideas how to use the rose in your garden. As you can see it takes up very little space and can easily be grown in very small spaces as the picture shows.

The compact rounded growth habit makes it also one of the best for miniature roses in containers.

Care Of Miniature Roses

Caring for miniature roses, such as 'Rainbow's End', is very similar to caring for larger rose bushes. These small roses are very cold hardy and easy to grow.

Pruning Miniature Roses

Pruning miniature roses couldn't be easier. They actually don't need to be pruned in the traditional sense.

They only require removal of spent blooms. Cut the faded flowers off ABOVE the first leaflet below the flower.

Then trim off any dead, diseased or criss-crossed stems at the base, wherever you see any.

rainbows end rose

The picture show the rose growing in a terra cotta container with some trailing blue Lobelias tucked in. The picture didn't come out too good, sorry about that. This rose is one of the most popular miniature roses and was given the American Rose Society Award of Excellence in 1986. Zones 4-11, height 12-18 inches.


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