Raised Flower Beds

raised flower beds

Raised Bed Gardening

Raised flower beds can compensate for poor soil, because when building raised flower beds, you add new drainable soil, layered on top of poor soil.

Take a look at these designs for raised bed gardening to build or to buy.

A raised garden bed elevates the plants above the soil line, and allows them to grow in places where they might not otherwise thrive.

raised flower beds

A Beautiful Raised Stone Bed Design

Flower beds raised higher off the ground, allows air to move through the foilage, keeping it dry and disease free. Another practical benefit of raising the height of the bed is that the roses are easier to prune, water and harvest. Their fragrance will also be closer to you to enjoy.

Building Raised Flower Beds

raised flower beds

This Raised Bed Was Built Using Flagstone

Raised beds are built on top of the ground, and can be constructed from wood, stone or brick. Popular weather-resistant choices are redwood, cedar, and pressure treated pine. These beds are really cheap to build as well.

You can also build a raised bed with bricks or stone sides for planting beds that will last practically forever.

Raised Bed Garden Design

raised flower beds

A Raised Bed Designed Around A Fountain

The picture above shows a raised bed with a fountain in the middle, but you could also use a birdbath, or a large planter planted with a specimen rose, or other plant.

You can add a raised bed anywhere, of course it's easiest on a flat spot. But you can also grow roses on a hillside by terracing the slope, adding raised planter beds in stairsteps down a hill. This is a very attractive way to landscape a slope.

raised flower beds

A Terraced Raised Garden

Most raised beds can be about 6-8 inches deep. However, if your spot is wet, beds need to be at least 12 inches or more, deep to achive the proper draining.

raised flower beds

Example Of A Stone Flower Bed Design

A raised flower bed can be any shape or form and variety of materials, to match the overall style of your garden.

raised flower beds

A Wooden Flower Bed Design

If your house has a cottage look, you can build more casual, or rustic flower beds by using field stones to create curving or round beds.

Buy A Raised Garden Bed

If you prefer to buy a pre-fabricated raised bed planter, that's ready to be placed in your garden, just Click on the highlighted links under the pictures for pricing and product information.

raised flower beds

Raised Bed: Planter

raised flower beds

Curved Raised Bed Garden


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