Raised Garden Bed

raised garden bed

A Raised Bed Garden

A raised garden bed design is the ideal, or maybe the only solution, to growing roses and other plants if the soil in your garden is very dense, compacted an/or drains poorly.

Raised beds in gardens, provides a great way to grow, roses, herbs,vegetables or any other smaller scale plant. Be sure to blend an good soil mixture to fill the beds with, such as compost, well-rotted cow or horse manure and shredded bark etc.

Raised Garden Bed

Great examples of raised flower beds

Luckily planting roses in built up beds or having a raised bed vegetable garden is very easy and can be very attractive if done right. My link below will help you with that.

The reasons why a lot of gardeners, such as myself, like growing roses and other plants in a raised flower bed are it's easy to take care of the beds when you don't have to bend over as much. You can sit on a stool and tend to your plants. So go ahead and start building your own.

raised garden bed

The picture above is a great example how handy a raised garden bed is. This home had a sloping lawn and this is how the home owners solved their steeply sloped lawn. The built a raised bed and planted flower carpet roses in alternate colors of red and pink. It looks smashing, and these carpet roses are real work horses. They bloom nonstop all the way until frost, or if you live in a mild climate zones, these roses will only take a brief rest around late December-January.

No deadheading required for repeat blooms. These roses are self-cleaning. How is that a for low-maintenance raised flower bed.

raised garden bed

I included the picture above, because it gives you a great idea how to create raised flower beds in a lawn.

A garden bed design that is raised up from the ground, can be laid out in a charming geometric cottage garden style with pebble paths in between.

There are a lot of raised garden plans and kits available. Raised beds made of cedar are very good, and economical. Over time the cedar takes on a charming and attractive silver-gray sheen, giving your garden an old world look.

Visit easy-vegetable-gardening.com for further information on building and using raised garden beds, raised bed vegetable gardening, soil preparation and many modern practical techniques to make your gardening and vegetable gardening easier.


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