Recently Bought Roses.

by Judith


I recently bought 2 rose bushes and have a quick question. Since we live in Michigan and there is still snow on parts of the ground and the low temperatures haven't allowed the ground to thaw sufficiently, I can't plant them now. What do you suggest the care of the still packaged bushes, be? I speak especially about watering(?) and light exposure.
Thank you.
Judith Harding


Hello Judith,
You should plant the rose bushes in large containers using very good potting soil.

If these are bare root roses, you should soak the roots first overnight, 24 hours, to plump them up.

They should be watered and do not let the roots dry out.
Use a moisture meter to make sure the plants have moisture.

You should place the potted roses in a unheated room that has a window.

So they get light. Bare root roses will remain dormant.

Do not fertilize them until you have planted them outside in the ground.
Choose a sunny spot in your garden.

If the roses are not bare root, but potted up, you should still put them in an unheated place that has good light.

You don't have any choice now since the ground is still frozen.
Kind Regards,

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