Red Eden Climber Blooms

by Jeff Gaedtke
(Indianapolis, IN)


I have a red eden climber that I have trouble with.
The blooms won't open all the way. The bush is about 4 years old.
It's pretty tall and very healthy. Never has leaf issues.
It also has plenty of blooms. They just fail to open.
They even look healthy. I thought maybe the soil might be lacking something. I have 15 other bushes without this problem.

Hi Jeff,
Your red eden climber is suffering from "rose balling".

This seems to happen to some rose bushes with very double flowers.
The blooms fail to open fully and eventually fall off.

There is no cure for this unfortunately. You should deadhead any blooms that fail to open.

Hopefully, the new blooms will be ok. If not, I recommend getting rid of the climber.

And replace it with the Blaze climbing rose which has not had this problem.

I had to do this myself. There is no reason to have a rose with no beautiful rose flowers on it.

Once a rose start having rose balling, it will usually keep on having this problem.

Red eden has very double flowers, so it's prone to rose balling especially in cold, damp climates during the spring time.

Sorry to give you the bad news, but that's the only way I can say it.
Kind Regards,

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