Red Rose Flower

red rose flower

Pictures Of Red Roses

Since Queen Victoria's time in England, receiving the gift of a red rose flower, has the meaning of romantic love or desire.

Red roses are the most popular flowers in the world and many people like to plant some of these beauties in their own gardens.

I have put together a list of some of the best and most beautiful red rose varieties available, with pictures of red roses, their names and descriptions.

The 'Red Coat' Rose

red rose flower

This is an English red rose flower by David Austin. It produces cheerful, single, bright red roses that flowers forever, at least in warmer climates.

Masses of very lovely large blooms that looks like fluttering butterflies, open wide to display prominent yellow stamens. What a beautiful picture of red roses to have.

This is wonderful rose to use as a hedge or for a mass-planting in a border. The rose bush is tall, tough, vigorous and disease resistant. Zones 4-9, height 6 feet.

'La Sevillana' Rose

red rose flower

'La Sevillana' is a modern cluster-flowered floribunda. The red rose flower is lightly scented with deep bright red blooms, in clusters of 5, on long flexible stems. They are of medium size, with neat centers that become cupped as they open.

The first flush of flowers are very colorful and showy, and more blooms appear throughout the season.

The growth is dense, leafy and shrubby, making this a good variety for hedges as well as flower beds and borders. The foilage is medium green and glossy. Zones 4-9, hieght 7 feet.

The 'Chrysler Imperial' Rose

red rose flower

This red rose flower was a very popular rose when first introduced. It has long pointed buds that develop into large, beautifully formed flowers with 45 velvety, rich crimson petals, a perfect picture of red roses. 'Chrysler Imperial' rose is a compact, vigorous plant with dark green, semi-gloosy leaves that are very attractive.

The blooms are very fragrant and they are repeat flowering. It makes a very good flower bed bush and is also popular as a standard tree rose. This rose was named after the Chrysler car company. Zones 4-9, height 3-4 feet.

The 'Grand Hotel' Rose

Grand Hotel

This is a large-flowered climbing red rose flower that repeat blooms all season long. The flowers are good sized and full petalled, appearing in clusters, and open to a loosely cupped form. The plant's growth is stiff and branching, making it easy to train on a wall or a fence.

It grows to an average height for climbers and has a good covering of dark green foilage. Zones 4-9, height 10-12 feet.

The 'Mister Lincoln'Rose

Mister Lincoln

'Mister Lincoln' is a modern Hybrid Tea Rose that repeat flowers all season. This beautiful rose has urned shaped buds that open to dark red blooms with exquisitely formed petals. The full flowers open cupped and there are 35 petals that are extremely fragrant. The flowers are excellent for cutting, and a vase of these roses, will perfume a whole room. The foilage is leathery, matt and medium dark. The growth is extremely vigorous, making 'Mister Lincoln' best suited for the back of the rose bed or border. This is a popular rose in Mediterian type climates. Zones 5-11, height 6-7 feet.

The 'Sympathie' Rose


'Sympathie' is a repeat-flowering climbing red rose flower. It bears clusters of lightly scented blood red flowers, of a fairly large size, and they open cupped.

The intensely deep, yet bright red rose flower stands out beautifully against the background of rich green shiny foilage.

The first flush of bloom is prolific and long-lasting, but the later repeat blooms in the summer are sort of sporadic, however it gives a good autumn display of flowers. It's a vigorous and fast-growing plant. The long arching canes makes this rose very suitable for fences, walls and pergolas. Zones 4-9, height 15-20 feet.

red rose flower


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