Red Roses

red roses

Roses That Are Red Gallery

Red Roses mean love, everyone loves a red or crimson colored rose, roses that are red; it's the rose for romance and love, so you should not be without one of these roses in your garden.

The deep red colored rose flowers are so popular there are even 'rose poems' about them. The most famous one starts like this 'Roses are red Violets are blue'.

Rose bushes with Crimson Flowers such as the 'Red Coat', La Sevillana,'Chrysler Imperial'rose and the 'Mister Lincoln' rose are my favorite 'red rose' growing in my garden.

red roses

My husband is very fond of the Crimson Bouquet rose and he always says it's his favorite rose, because the crimson rose flowers are so large and showy. I'll admit they look wonderful in a vase on top of my dining table.

Different Types Of Red Roses

Here are lists and links to the different types of roses that are red, according to their class, such as red hybrid teas, red floribundas etc.

These are the most oustanding crimson varieties as they all are award winning roses. They are all easy to grow and care for, and are very disease resistant. Most are very fragrant roses with delicious rose scents. Just click on the high-lighted links to view a picture of the red rose with detailed information.

I will be adding more live links, so check back.

Red Hybrid Tea Roses

red roses

Picture Of Red Let Freedom Ring Hybrid Tea Rose

Black Magic * Chrysler Imperial * Crimson Bouquet * Dublin * Firefighter * Fragrant Cloud * Ingrid Bergman * Kardinal * Lasting Love * Let Freedom Ring * Liebeszauber * Mister Lincoln * Oklahoma * Olympiad * Opening Night * Ronald Regan * Rose Gaujard * Veterans Honor *

Red Floribunda Roses

red roses

Picture Of Red Topsy Turvy Floribunda Rose

Black Cherry * Champlain * City Of San Francisco * Europeana * Glad Tidings * La Sevillana * Lavaglut * Preference * Salsa * Showbiz * Topsy Turvy * Trumpeter * Wing Ding *

Red Shrub Roses

red roses

Picture Of Red Home Run Shrub Rose

Be Bop * Cuthbert Grant * Dortmund * Home Run * John Cabot * Red Knockout * L D Braithwaite * Linda Campbell * Cherry Meidiland * Morden Fireglow * Roseraie d l Hay * Sophys Rose * The dark Lady * The Prince * The Squire * William Shakespeare *

Red Old Garden Roses

red roses

Picture Of Red Louis Phillippe Old China Rose

Charles de Mills * Cramoisi Superieur * Eugene de Beauharnais * General Jacqueminot * La Belle Sultane * Louis Phillippe * Rose de Rescht * Tuscany Superb *

Red Climbing Roses

red roses

Picture Of Red Etoile de Hollande Climbing Rose

To view all of the best red climbing roses, just click on the high-lighted link above. There are pictures of the most popular red roses available with detail rose information.


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