Renee's Rose Memories

by Renee

In 1946, my father, home from duty aboard a carrier in the Pacific duting WWII, returned to Missouri & he & my Mother realized their dream of buying a farm in Oregon.With my little brother(4) and me (6) in tow, we moved West, Mom carrying cuttings from a very old Paul's Scarlet climber brought by her mother from England to Missouri around 1920.
It was the first of many roses they planted & while Dad went off to Korea again in the '50s, roses proliferated on trellises, arbors and along the drive. People used to stop and take pictures.
Some of my fondest memories are of the fragrance of all of these beautiful and varied roses that greeted us and guests as we neared & entered our home.Inside, vases always reflected that abundance. Years passed and tragedy determined that my parents would pass away half a world away from each other and my brother and I went separate ways to separate lives.
In July, 2008,over 50 years since I left, I returned to Oregon and drove out to the country. I stopped at the gate & at the deserted hill that was once the setting for our home,now a neglected overgrown pasture. No trace remained of the beauty that had always graced that view in memory. As I backed out to leave I glimpsed something bright & red .I got out & and as I came closer I saw it was the Paul's Scarlet gone wild, climbing on stalks of shrubs, entwined around what was left of an apple tree and sprawled in several directions on the ground, laden with beautiful blooms and shedding just as many.I located the owner and he sent me in the fall 12 cuttings by express mail.A first-timer, I babied them thru the winter and planted the surviving 6 in large containers.They didnt bloom this 1st year, but here they are, back in Missouri and with 3-12 ft canes climbing everywhere.Part of my Mom, my Dad grandparents , brother & that wonderful,lost time of our lives. I hope they will bloom again.

Hi Renee,
What a touching story how roses affected your life as a child. And how you were able to find the Pauls's Scarlet climbing rose, that came all the way from England, at the place where you grew up in Oregon, and grow it from cuttings in Missouri.
I love rose stories like this.
Thanks for sharing it with me and my visitors. Your story touched my heart.
Best Regards,

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