Rosa Abraham Darby Rose Pruning

by Beth
(Jax. Fl)

QUESTION:Abraham Darby Rose

Could you please tell me if you trim this rose back?

When would be the best time of year to do so?
Thank you for your advice in advance.
ANSWER: Hi Beth,
I notice that you live in Florida, so the rose flowering season is different there.

I recommend that you contact your local garden nursery that sells roses, for the best time to prune roses in your region.

The Abraham Darby rose should be pruned when it's dormant.

The English roses, such as Abraham Darby rose, do well in Florida's soil and climate, although they tend to grow larger.

If are training the rose on a trellis, don't prune the long canes, only prune the short flowering shoots, growing out from the canes.

Prune those short shoots back to about 2-3 inches.
Best Regards,

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