Rosa Banksiae Lutea
Yellow Lady Banks Rose

yellow lady banks rose

Yellow Climbing Rose

rosa banksiae lutea

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'Rosa Banksiae Lutea' rose, or Yellow Lady Banks rose as it's more commonly called is a climbing rambler type rose, that can grow to great heights, even climb up into trees.

Yellow Lady Banks rose is not a rose for the faint-hearted, but it's easy and so wonderful in the right spot.

It's adorable lemon-yellow small, fully double flowers appear in fantastic profusion that's almost unbelievable.

There is a sweet delicate rose scent.

The Rosa 'Banksiae Lutea' incredible flower show starts in late spring and continues for many weeks.

It is rare to witness such a glorious flower display.

The foilage is in scale with the flowers and is evergreen in the Southern part of the USA and deciduous in cooler areas.

This plant has another asset, it's virtually thornless, making it very easy to handle and train.

In order to truly appriciate this rose, give it enough room to spread, climb and ramble. It would look great covering an old garden shed or an old dead tree.

You can easily provide a rustic structure for this rose to climb over with the cascading canes hanging down.

Yellow Lady Banks climbing rose is one of the Old Garden Roses and was introduced in 1824. Zones 6-11, height 30-35 feet.


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