Rosa Blush Noisette Rose

Roses For The South

Rosa Blush Noisette rose, Noisette roses, old cultivars of roses, also known as 'Noisette Carnee', is one of the oldest surviving American roses.

Rosa Blush Noisette rose is actually a rose bush, but the long and arching canes makes it much more suitable as a climber.

It's lovely trained over an arbor, as in the picture below.

Blush Noistette roses start flowering in june or april, depending on where you live.

That's when huge clusters of rosy purple buds opens into small blush pink blooms that turn lilac-pink as they age.

The fragrance is a delicate spicy scent that is quite lovely.

The foilage is pale green and the new growth is almost thornless.

rosa blush noisette rose

The picture above is my husband Tony standing in the middle of the arbor enjoying the fragrance and beauty of this wonderful Blush Noisette rose.

It's one of his most favorite climbing roses.

I think this is a most decorative and wonderful rose to have in a garden.

Not only does it flower with abundance, but it will produce sweetly scented blooms throughout the season.

rosa blush noisette rose

Blush Noisette Roses

It's best suited for warmer climates as it is cold tender. In the USA, the 'Blush Noisette' roses are known as 'Roses for the South'.

The plants exceptionally long flowering season, beautiful coloring and delicious scent makes it a particularly great rose for a small garden.

Train it on a wall or fence, or up an arbor or pergola.

You can also train it around a tri-pod or an obelisk, which would be a great eye-catcher if placed in the middle of an island flower bed in a lawn.

The pale lilac-pink blooms look marvelous when combined both with pale blue and pink flowers, as well as with richer purple and red flowering plants


It's a very disease resistant rose and has a rating of 8.5 (10 being best) with the American Rose Socity.

Zones 6-11, height 10 feet (3m).

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