Rosa Canina, A Wild Rose And Parent of Gallica Roses


Experts believe that Rosa Canina is the parent of the gallica roses. The gallicas are the oldest of the European garden roses.

This rose makes excellent ornamental hedges and is also great for boundary plantings.

It is a large and branching shrub rose that can vary in size from 6-12 feet depending on the climate conditions.

rosa canina

A Wild Rose known as 'Dog Rose'

The stems are quite thorny and the foilage has a mid-green color with leaflets that are broadly elongated with serrated edges.

There are lots of delicate, small and wonderfully scented flowers with colors that varies from blush white to pink.

After flowering there are oval bright red rose hips, which are very showy.

These hips are a valuable source of vitamin C and can be used for jellies and rose hip soups.

For many years, this species, was used in Europe as the main root stock in commercial rose production.



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