Rosa Foetida Bicolor, A Unique Wild Rose


This beautiful wild rose, Rosa Foetida Bicolor, is an upright shrub rose growing to about 5 feet in height.

The unique canes are a rich dark green color and overlaid with mahogany-brown with bright green thorns. Quite beautiful I would say.

The foilage is also extra ordinaire with a bright deep green color that is lighter beneath. The leaflets have a smooth downy texture which is quite different from other wild roses.

rosa foetida bicolor

'Rosa Foetida' Bicolor, a dazzling Wild Rose

The single flowers are absolutely dazzling with a bright almost luminous yellow-orange-red color combination.

The flowers are also very unique with the fragrance being a mild, sort of sour scent, that some people may find objectionable. However, the lovely flower show definitely makes up for this short coming.

This rose was introduced year 1596.



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