Rosa Hugonis

by Victor
(Nassau County NY)

Rosa Hugonis

Rosa Hugonis

Hi, Have you ever heard of a Rose called Rosa Hugonis, sometime the Hugo rose? it is a single petal yellow non fragrant flower, bush has tiny leaves on long canes covered in thorns. this rose was very popular in the landscape of the Estates of the North shore in the 1920's. I have had no luck either in finding it or seeing a photo of it. Thank you, Victor Marchese

Hi Victor,
Yes I have heard of it, but never seen it in person.
Rosa Hugonis, also known as Rosa xanthina f. hugonis, Father Hugo's Rose, Golden Rose of China
was introduced in 1905.
It's a medium yellow rose, see picture above, with single petals.
It's difficult to propagate this rose. It's has a high rating of 8.7 by the American Rose Society, which I am a member of.
You might be able to find it at nurseries that sells antique old roses.
Best Regards,

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