Rosa Pierre de Ronsard Eden Rose

by Scott Drucker
(Chattanooga, TN, USA)

QUESTION: Do these roses work for zone 6b-7a in SE Tennessee (Chattanooga)?

I have heard that the Eden roses are very slow to perform in certain areas...and mine have not done much so far in 2 years.

I've admired the Eden rose immensely in photos and would like some advice on how to beef them up a bit!

Some of my other roses have gone "gangbusters" such as Caldwell Pink and Cecile Brunner....even Clotilde Soupert has done very well...but Eden has not.....



ANSWER: Hi Scott! The Eden rose doesn't do well in cold climate zones.

Here is Southern California they do beautifully.

This is what I do when a rose doesn't perform well after 2 years.

I get rid of it. With so many great rose varieties to choose from, why fuss over a rose that won't bloom.

I don't know how to make the Eden rose bloom better, but you could check out my page about caring for roses.

Here is my page about the Eden rose.
Best Regards,

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