Rosa Variegata di Bologna

rosa variegata di bologna

Variegated Roses

Rosa Variegata di Bologna, one of the most gorgeous of the old Bourbon roses, it was originally bred in Italy by Bonfiglioli & Son in 1909. It is the best pink variegated climber in its class.

The absolutely stunning flowers of this variegated rose is its main attraction. The blooms are simply enchanting with its peppermint like shades of white and pale pink-purple stripes.

rosa variegata di bologna

The reapeat blooming flowers are double and appear in clusters. They are exceptionally fragrant, even for a Bourbon rose.

The foilage is plentiful and very attractive. Since the plant is tall and have arching canes, it's best grown and trained as a climber, a great small climber actually. It can easily be trained on an open wrought iron fence like in the picture below of 'Variegata di Bologna' trained on such a fence.

This rose probably wont give you a good flower show the first season, so don't be alarmed if you have little or no flowering the first year.

It will make up for it later. Most of the old roses that climb don't produce a lot of flowers the first season. They need time to grow flowering canes and flower mostly from old wood from previous year, so do not prune for a while, or you wont have any flowers at all.

Leave it alone to grow, it is more important to properly train climbers than pruning them the while they get established.

rosa variegata di bologna

Pruning Instructions For Climbing Roses

Rosa Variegata di Bologna should be left unpruned for a couple of years to allow for flower producing canes to grow and mature. After the plant is establishes (2-3 years), cut back lateral shoots, growing from the main stems, to about 4 inches, no matter how long they are. Leave the main stems unpruned, unless they end in a flower, then cut back to the nearest bud. Only trim back main canes to keep the plant in bounds.

Do this light pruning in winter or early spring. depending on where you live. or when the 'Forsythia' starts blooming. Zones 5-9, height 7-12 feet.


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