Rose Alba

Alba Roses - Old Garden Roses

Rose Alba is an once-blooming old garden rose from ancient times.

Alba roses are closely related to Rosa canina, the 'Dog Rose', so named because it was thought that ingesting a concoction made from its hips would cure rabies.

Albas are most likely the offspring of natural crosses between the 'Dog Rose' and Damask parents.

Europeans grew Albas in ancient times for use in perfume and medicine.

Albas are notably quite tolerant to partial shade which is unsusual for roses in general.

The once-flowering Albas have white or pale pink blossoms that have a sweet, heady fragrance.

The gray-green foilage is produced on tall canes covered with prickles.

Examples: 'Alba Semi-plena' (ancient) has clustered, single (five-petaled) fragrant white flowers on a 6 foot tall bush.

'Great Maiden's Blush' (prior to the 15th century), also known as 'Cuisse de Nymphe' and 'La Seduisante', produces blush pink, semi-double fragrant flowerss on a 5 foot plant.

alba semi-plena

Alba Semi-plena

'Felicite Parmentier' (1834) produces fragrant, double pale pink flowers on 4 feet tall canes.

Albas are also known as 'white roses' and the famous "White Rose of York' is an Alba rose.


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