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QUESTION: I planted Dublin Bay climbers last year,they bloomed in abundance,right through to June.

This year, there are very few blooms showing,and the leaves look a bit pale.

My wife loved roses,and I am trying very hard to make my new home look nice.

As you might have gathered, Iam not a gardener.

I would appreciate very much any help with this problem.
Kind Regards. Maurie.

ANSWER: Hi Maurie! I afraid I don't know what ail your roses.

The Dublin Bay climber was voted the best climbing rose for New Zealand.

I recommend, you go to your local nursery, or where you bought the roses, and tell them your troubles.

Are you feeding your roses, and watering on a regular basis?

What kind of pruning, if any, did you do?

If you cut down the flowering canes, you won't have many blooms this season.
Best Regards,

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