Rose Bud Not Opening

by Dolores
(Irvine Calif U.S.A.)

I am having problems with my Pierre Notting rose. For some reason the buds don't open and drop off. What am I possibly doing wrong?
Hi Dolores!
Your rose is infested by Thrips insects. They are super tiny brownish insects that use their rasping mouth parts to feed on plant fluid.
They are especially damaging to buds and also the flowers.

The rose buds gets discolored and drop off without opening.
Thrips are barely visible to the naked eye.
To check for the presence of thrips collect a damaged bud and cut it open on a white paper and shake it.
Thrips will look like yellow-brown flecks moving across the paper.
Because thrips hide inside buds and flowers they are hard to treat.
Prune off and desroy thrip infested flowers and buds.
Severe infestations can be treated with an insecticide labeled as a "thrip control". Repeat as specified on the package if necessary.
Best Regards,

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