Rose Bush Care

by Jeannie
(Irving, TX)

QUESTION: Hi. I just bought a home in Irving TX and in the process have inherited a whole garden of beautiful plants.

Problem is that I was born & raised in the Bronx, NY & have lived my whole life in apartments!

I have no idea what I have going on or how to take care of rose bushes.

So far (last five months)I have seen a few small pink roses; a few deep red roses; & one tiny, beautiful, bright tangerine rose.

Any info on what kind of roses these might be, & how to take care of them would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you so very much!

~Yankee Girl~

I have also identified Canna Lillies, Silverado Sage, and Ivory Halo Dogwood on my property. Is there anywhere I can get more info on those?

ANSWER: Hi Yankee Girl! I wouldn't be able to tell you the names of those roses.

But I can help you take care of the roses you have.

Here is a link for how to care for roses.

Read all the information, and follow the instructions for rose care, and you will do fine.

The sage plant is a very drought tolerant plant. Trim it back in early spring, for fresh new growth.

The dogwood tree, is a beautiful flowering tree. It likes a bit more acdic soil. Go to your local nursery, and ask for soil amendments for dogwood trees, and also get some spike fertilizers for trees.

I don't know much about calla lilies, but the old leaves usually die down, so remove those and wait for new growth in spring.
Best Regards,

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