Rose Bush Growing
From Roots of a Broken Rose Bush

QUESTION: Last year my children gave me a topiary rose bush (one that the foliage had been grafted onto the top of a bare stem).

It was beautiful, but the graft was weak and it broke off at the graft during a wind storm.

My husband cut the stem off a few inches above the ground.

This spring many stems came up from the roots.

They did not produce blooms.

My neighbor told me that it would only produce wild roses.

Is this true? Is there anything you would recommend in caring for it?

ANSWER: Hi! It sounds like root suckers growing from the ground.

It will not produce Wild Roses, which are special Species Roses from ancient time.

Suckers will not produce blooms, so they should be removed.

You should remove the whole root ball to stop the suckers from coming up every year.

You are better off replacing it with a new healthy rose bush that will bloom with abundance.
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