Rose Bush With No Leaves

by Jan
(Derry, LA USA)

QUESTION; I bought a semi dormant bareroot don juan rose the last of February 2013 and planted the rose the first week of March. The trunk is green as are the short canes. No sign of sprouts so far. Temps here range mid to late 70 degrees and its May now. Still no sign that the Don Juan is growing, yet it is still green. Other roses I planted at the time are all leafy and have buds and some have bloomed. I don't understand why this don juan is not leafing out or sprouting leaves. It's just green trunk & canes and naked. Do you know what is wrong?
When the bareroot rose arrived, did you soak the roots in a bucket of water for a few days before you planted it?
You waited a while to plant the Don Juan climber, so if the roots didn't get plumped up by a good water soak, it will take longer for the feeder roots to grow below ground.
Many climbing roses take their time to get going.
The Don Juan climber is growing slowly all right, but it's below ground where you can't see it.
To help it along pour about half a cup of Epson Salts around the base of the rose and scratch it into the soil.
Water deeply so it will reach the emerging feeder roots.
Add a 2-3 inch layer of organic mulch on top.
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