Rose Bushes for Windows

by Sergio Medina
(Barcelona Spain)

QUESTION: Hi there,
I'm from Barcelona and I live in a lovely apartament but doesn't have any terrace just to large windows facing south east.

My question is, what kind of hybrid tea rose can I plant that can take intense sun hours during spring/summer season.

It could be planted in a decent large pot.
Best Regards

ANSWER: Hi Sergio! Sorry to disappoint you, but no rose bush would survive indoors for long, even in a sunny window.

They need direct sun rays to produce blooms.

If you have the windows open, and the rose gets direct rays from the sun for about 5 - 6 hours per day, it could work.

Another problem you face is the intense heat during the rose season.

Roses don't produce many blooms, if any, when it's hot.

It's hard to grow any plants, except cactus, on an indoor hot window sill.
Best Regards,

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