Rose Bushes By Colors

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Rose Color Varieties

Hundreds of recommended rose bushes listed in every color and rose plant category. Browse this page, seeking all the roses in the color your heart desires.

Growing information and pictures of Mail Order Roses For Sale. Just click on the highlighted links to view all the different colored roses and rose varieties.

rose bushes

Red Rose Varieties

Click on this link to view pictures of the best red roses to grow in your garden. Many are award winning roses.

rose bushes

The Best White Roses

I adore white roses and use them in my garden a lot. They really brighten up my flowerbeds. Here are the best and my own very favorite white roses.

rose bushes

All Kinds Of Beautiful Pink Roses

Pink roses are the most popular of all rose colors. And there are lots to choose from. Here is a list of the most beautiful and easy to grow pink roses.

rose bushes

Yellow Rose Varieties

Yellow roses stand for friendship, so everyone should have a yellow rose bush in their garden. You want to be able to give a yellow rose bouquet to your best friends on special occasions.

rose bushes

The Most Beautiful Orange Rose Plants

For years orange roses were not very popular. Not so today, nowadays orange colors are hot. I found out that Oprah loves orange roses, and has planted a lot of them in her Santa Barbara garden.

Click on the link above to take a look at Oprah's favorite orange rose bush.

rose bushes

Great Purple Rose Bush Varieties

The reason I like purple roses, besides the fact that the color is very romantic, is that they look fabulous when planted with white roses, and with plants that have light gray leaves. Here are my favorite purple roses.

rose bushes

Lovely Blue Colored Roses

We are all waiting for a truly blue rose to be introduced, like the color of the blue delphinium. But until that happens, we will have to make do with blue colored roses. I'll admit I will be the first to buy one.

I love blue flowers of all kinds, however, there are a few very special roses that have shades of lavender-blue, and lilac-blue etc. Take a look at these blue colored rose plants, when clicking on the link above.

Black Red Rose Varieties

Even though there really isn't any totally black roses, some very dark red varieties have some black shadings that make them appear black. And some rose buds are actually black, before opening up. These dark red black roses are very popular. Here are the best black roses to buy.

If you love the beautiful Pictures of Roses that I have on this page, click on the link below, for lots more rose pictures, and ordering information. Ps. They are very inexpensive!


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