Rose Care

by Serena K.
(Jacksonville, Fl, USA)

QUESTION: I just planted a yellow rose and is blooming beautifully.

When and how often do I need to spray the leaves?

I fertilized when I planted it, this past Sunday so when should I fertilize again.

I am not sure as to where the prune should be done. Is there a picture that will help.

Can I plant another rose now? Our temporature is in the mid fifties to the high of mid seventies.

One last question; I was told at the store where I bought it, that when we hit freezing-frost weather I should cover my roses with plastic.

I love roses, and I just got the space for a garden.

As I said I want to buy at least one more plant if this weather is OK.

God bless and I look to hear from you soon.

Sorry I do not have any pictures


ANSWER: Hi Serena! You don't have to spray the leaves, unless you have rose fungus, such as black spot, or powdery mildew.

You should fertilize after each bloom flush.

Here is my page about total rose care.

You should read all info there.

And here is my page about pruning roses.

Yes you should cover the rose bushes with plastic during winter frost weather.
Best Regards,

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