Rose Climbing Red Eden

rose climbing red eden

Climbing Red Eden

Rose climbing Red Eden, Red Eden Climbing rose also known as

Eric Tabarly rose, is a gorgeous red large flowered climber from the beautiful French Romantica Series of roses of the Royal House of Meilland, France.

It's growing habit, repeat flowering, and disease resistance is very similar to the wonderful, and so popular at least in California, pink Eden cliomber.

rose climbing red eden

Picture Of 'Red Eden' Climbing Rose

The growth habit is bushy with an abundance of medium green leaves and foilage that produces a profusion of flowers throughout the growing season.

The old fashion looking blooms are loades with petals. The color of the blooms are a deep burgundy red. There is a slight rose fragrance on the lovely flowers. Zones 6-9, height 10 feet or more.


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