The Meaning Of Rose Colors

rose colors

Rose Symbolism

Rose Colors: The significance of roses, rose flower meaning, the symbolism of roses and rose meanings, that is what this page is all about.

The color range of roses is remarkable. The only colors missing in roses are true blue and black. And now with the help of genetic engineering, the true blue rose and perhaps even the black rose ( some deep red roses verge on being black) are not far off.

rose colors

Every other color is represented in roses with reds, pinks, yellows, mauves, whites, oranges, apricots and even green, as well as countless variations of hues and shades of these colors.

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The Meaning Of Roses

Lots of people want to know the meaning or symbolism of roses. Click on the link above for detailed and interesting information, including historical tidbits, about what the different colors of roses really mean.

When considering rose flower colors, it helps to know that most, old roses come in cool or pale colors, such as pale pink, soft pink lilac, or faded yellow.

Modern roses, however, come in bright or warm colors, such as vivid yellow, red, orange, gold or pure white.

When planning your colors, it's important to know that not all rose bloom colors are stable.

Growing conditions as well as the number of pigments affect colors. Soil fertility, temperatures, the heat of the sun, and rainfall, all play roles in determining the colors of some roses.


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