Rose de Rescht

rose de rescht

A Damask Rose

Rose de Rescht, a deep pink rose and an old Damask rose, one of the Old Garden Roses or Old Fashioned Roses. Whatever you call it, it's most likely the best of the Portland roses to grow in a small garden because it makes a neat compact bush.

It's most likely a rose with Fench origin. But nobody knows for sure.

The flowers repeat blooms regularly, at approximately six-weeks intervals, provided it's deadheaded after each flowering flush.

rose de rescht

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It is said that this rose was discovered in the Persian (Iran) city of Rescht, hence it's name; it was brought to Europe and England in 1949.

These roses provides us with rose essential oil, which is used for rose perfume. Rose perfume comes mostly from bulgarian rose petals.

rose de rescht

The beautiful medium sized flowers come in tight clusters and appear close to the foilage, each bloom on short stems. The flower form is very double and cupped.

The fully double blooms are about 2 inches across and have an exquisite rose scent. When fully opened they are cushion shaped and flowers freely from mid-summer through autumn.

The color is a lovely rich fuchsia-pink with hints of purple-lilac hues, sometimes paler in the hot sun. A little afternoon shade holds the color better.

It is a compact, dense shrub rose, rarely reaching more than three feet in height, with dark green wood; it grows up to 3 feet (1m) high. The foilage is profuse, with grayish green leaves that are very disease resistant.

This is an outstanding Old Garden Rose that is quite easy to grow. It will fit into any mixed flower bed or make a good container plant, or a charming focal point for a fragrant herb garden.

I particularly like blue and white companion plants for this rose, because blue and white flowers will enhance the purple-lilac color of this rose.

Since this is a repeat-flowering rose, pruning should be done in late winter or early spring, depending on where you live. Prune down by 1/3 and trim the rose bush to shape it. Remove any spindly and dead canes. When removing any canes, make the cut as close to the base of the plant as possible. Zones 5-9, height 3 feet (1 m).


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