Rose Dieback In Winter

QUESTION: We have about 5 roses where all the canes are dying back to the ground.

We transplanted 1 to another spot in the garden during winter but it is still dying.

All were given seasol 2 or 3 times but still not recovering.

What is causing this and can we save them. Greg.

ANSWER: Hi Greg! You didn't say where you garden.

However, if it's in a cold climate zone, with freezing winters, any cold tender rose such as hybrid tea rose, and most climbing roses, will suffer from winter die back.

There are many cold hardy roses that will die to the ground during winter, but will grow back healthy in the spring time.

I do not know what types of roses you have.

But if you have cold tender rose such as hybrid tea roses they will not come back and they simply died during the cold winter.
Best Regards,

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