Rose Disease

QUESTION: Hi there thanks for the great website it is really clear and well organized.

You should be very proud! I have a problem with all the roses in the house I just bought.

Mainly black spot. But I have two large standards but one has a serious problem.

The trunk has a large hole in it and has like termite granules and 'strings' coming out of it.

It's also on some of the woody branches. I have photos if you send me your email address!

The flowers are light pink and bloom for a day before going brown and falling off.

I'm desperate as I think the rose is too old and I don't want to lose it.

It is in good soil in full sun. I hope you can help! Thanks so much Edward

ANSWER: I am not sure what's going on exactly with your roses.

Sounds like carpenter ants or termites has attacked the roses.

The pink blooms most likely are infested with Thrips.

They hide in the petals, and are super tiny.

The blooms turn brown and fall off.

Take a piece of white paper and shake an affected bloom over the paper.

If you see tiny brownish fleck moving about, it's Thrips.

Ortho has a product especially for Rose Thrips, and for termites.
Best Regards,

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