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May 12, 2013
Growing roses in the Arizona desert
by: Mary Jo Howes

I've learned the hard way that it's difficult to keep roses alive in the scorching heat of eastern Arizona - yet I see people growing beautiful roses all over town, so I knew it could be done.
I finally bought bare-root roses grown in Surprise, Arizona (where it's HOT), and this is the second year for them and they're beautiful.
I keep a very heavy layer of mulch on them to retain moisture in the soil. I also cut 3/4 pvc in about 10" lengths, drilled holes in the bottom 2-3 inches of the pipe, put a cap on the end going into the ground next to roots, and make certain to water them through this pipe directly to the roots, in addition to watering from the top. In the mid-summer heat, this seems to have worked well, so far. And if my roses start drooping from the heat, I shade them with the white, lightweight weed preventive fabric.
Wish me luck - will see how this year works out as we are on water restrictions. It'll take extra care this year.
Hi Mary Jo,
Thanks for this post. It will sure help many Arizona rose gardeners. I really liked your comment about buying roses that has been grown in the hot desert there.
Could you give the namne of the garden nursery where you bought your roses?

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