Rose Dying In Arizona

by Mary Jo Howes
(Safford, Arizona)

QUESTION: I grow roses in eastern Arizona in the desert.

The stems start turning black and the leaves wilt and die.

I have one now that looks like it's dying, and I lost two bushes.

I'm new at growing roses, but I want to learn to grow them.

Since I live in Arizona in the desert, I try to water them - maybe too much.

ANSWER: Hi Mary,

It's a challenge to grow roses in Arizona's pistol hot weather, and if they don't get watered regulary, every single day for sure, maybe more, they most likely will die during the summer.

If your soil drainage is good, it's almost impossible to over-water roses in the desert.

It's also important to ONLY plant roses that can thrive in Arizona.

You didn't mention what kinds of roses you have.

Many rose varieties actually do very well there, if you really take care of them.

I recommend that you read my page about growing roses in Arizona.

On that page you will find rose varieties suited to Arizona, and also how to care for them in that desert climates so your roses won't be dying in Arizona.

I also recommend that you contact the Arizona Rose Society, and visit local rose gardens.

You'll quickly learn which roses will survive Arizona's astonishing heat.

The best rose seasons are in the winter and spring where you live.

The thing is you must keep them alive during the summer months.
Best Regards,

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